The Dangers of Being Too Cool
Natural Family Planning

I’m slightly concerned for my generation because I don’t think they realize the choices they have. And let me be clear, I understand that not everyone in the world will agree with NFP, but the fact that people don’t even know about it is wrong. People should be fully aware of all the options they have. 

Up until last year, I thought there were a few options I had for my future.

  • Either have sex now and use birth control.
  • Or wait until I was married to have sex and then use birth control.

That’s what Health class, the media and my parents told me. And either way - I end up using birth control. And I thought, well, this must be normal then, but at the same time I was frustrated. First of all, most of the pressure of birth control is put on females. Also, I didn’t really like the idea of spending a ton of money on birth control, especially The Pill, because I can’t swallow those darn things. I almost felt like I was being punished for my fertility, but I figured I’d have to get use to the idea if I didn’t want to get pregnant.

But then I heard about Natural Family Planning. It uses your body’s natural and normal functioning to determine the days of the month you are most likely to get pregnant. There are no health risks or side effects and it’s extremely effective when used properly. 

Plus it’s free.  

I think we really need to start teaching sexual abstinence and chastity as a lifestyle, not as a birth control method.  

But more importantly, I hope you just realize all the options you have.